CA Marijuana Guidebook – How to grow a $743,000/yr cannabis business and not get arrested.

– Industry insiders reveal how to avoid legal landmines. 

– 10 Steps to create your medical marijuana business better, faster & easier.

California Medical Marijuana Stains

California Medical Marijuana Dispensary and Grower's Guidebook

  • Contains the most current and accurate information available – to keep you out of court 
  • Written by MMJ professionals with over 20 years combined experience – so you can obtain a foundation of knowledge
  • 110% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – you have nothing to lose!
  • All legal/incorporating documents included – saving you over $2,000 

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California Medical Marijuana Dispensary and Grower's Guidebook

This guidebook provides current, comprehensive directions on how to form and operate a California medical marijuana collective, storefront dispensary and delivery service. The guide also provides information on how to legally grow medical marijuana and comply with all legal requirements as a medical marijuana patient in California. This book was written by seasoned medical marijuana experts, and there is no substitute of this quality available.

You will learn:
– What California business entities are required under SB 420
– How to incorporate as a not-for-profit
– How to remain compliant with the various state business requirements
– What is the ideal plant count and what is required to grow more than your personal limit
– How to determine what is "reasonable compensation" for employees and directors
– How to properly calculate growers' reimbursements
– How to set up internal controls, accounting and inventory tracking procedures
– How to properly price medical marijuana for members

Also included are sample membership agreements, bylaws and all other compliance documentation

No-Risk 110% Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our product that we will provide a 30 day 110% money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied. 


Thank you for making this information affordable. I was able to start my collective quickly at a fraction of the cost I was expecting. I’m really grateful to you for this information – hence my email. C. Oxton — San Jose, CA

What I like about the CA MMJ Dispensary and Grower's Guidebook is that I found it to be balanced. It does not encourage one to start a medical marijuana dispensary – it illustrates both the positives and negatives, while itemizing critical bullet points in an effort to educate the reader. An informed decision is what I believe we should all strive for in business and the author’s have done a great jobW. Clark — North San Diego, CA

I recommend this book to all my MMJ clients (regardless of how long they have been in business). As an accountant that works with multiple collectives in Southern California, I know how important it is to comply with CA law. The manual provides many details you won't find elsewhere (including info on internal controls, exp. reimbursements, and reasonable compensation). J. Ripley — N. Hollywood, CA.

*****4.5 Stars with near 20 positive reviews from Amazon.


Why should I buy your guidebook?

  • This is the most comprehensive book on the market. We receive nothing but positive reviews on Amazon and receive a number of grateful emails.
  • We provide information on all aspects of opening a medical marijuana collective and/or starting a legal medical marijuana grow operation.
  • The book is priced extremely affordably. We provide everything you need to get started at less than half the price of the competition.
  • We have done all the research and learned lessons by trial so that you don’t have to.

Aren’t there other books like this?

  • No! The other books are written solely by lawyers or former dispensary owners. This book combines the expertise of medical marijuana owners, California medical marijuana experts, and lawyers.
  • This book also provides specific (nuts and bolts) details on how to set up a not-for-profit corporation and operate a successful collective or grow in California.
  • We are California-specific. We differ from the number of “how to get started in the MMJ business” books on the market that are “cookie cutter” template form – designed for all MMJ states and only contain a limited amount of California-specific information.

Are the authors lawyers?

  • No but we have worked with and associate with a number of them. We have spent tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers so you don’t have to. Just one of our legal documents would cost hundreds of dollars from an MMJ attorney. We have included all the necessary legal documents for free.

Still not convinced this book is right for you? Read a sample of first 15 pages.

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