Learn How to Open a Medical Marijuana Dispensary.


This website provides specific, useful information to California medical marijuana providers and patients. Here you can learn what is needed to start a medical marijuana dispensary (collective) and operate within the current laws. There aren't many resources available and the current CA state laws are vague at best. This site was created for people to get answers, current news, understand California MMJ laws, and make friends in this elusive field.

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The ever evolving medical marijuana industry has been around California for over 15 years. The industry endures in an unclear legal atmosphere. The interpretation and enforcement of laws varies widely from county to county. I along with other medical marijuana advocates hope that California will legalize this plant sooner than later. Unfortunately every time we take a step forward toward legalization, we soon take one or two steps backwards. It is mandatory that anyone involved in this industry stay aware of current laws at the state, county, and city levels. We need more patients to get politically active and promote the positive aspects of marijuana.

The medical marijuana industry has recently been described as the modern-day gold rush. Many people are anxious about jumping into the California medical marijuana industry and given all the positive press (and economic data) we don’t blame them. In 2011 CNBC aired its Marijuana, Inc. documentary nationwide and has rebroadcast it repeatedly. This program showed people growing giant plants in Northern California with little fear of prosecution.

However, as you may know, the grass isn’t always green with medical marijuana – dozens of arrests are taking place every day and there are still big risks involved with this industry. In trying to win re-election, the Obama administration went against its pre-election promise and has wasted a significant amount of Federal resources on medical marijuana issues. In April 2012 the DEA raided and shut down by Oaksterdam University, the main medical cannabis industry trade school, that Richard Lee founded in Oakland, CA. Several dispensaries and grow facility raids took place in Southern California since then.

The Feds need to reassess their priorities especially now that Colorado and Washington State legalized the general use of marijuana.  California will likely follow suit with general legalization within the next few years. For the time being, California medical marijuana patients (and providers) need to work together and share information about how to survive and legitimize this industry.

California law allows for "an exemption from prosecution" if you are operating under specific rules (the CA Attorney General's medical marijuana guidelines). PROFITS are not allowed in this industry. However you can make a living wage by working as a dispensary director, employee, or grower. Given the loose regulations in place, some people are taking advantage. There are a few bad apples involved in this industry and you will need to work extra hard to separate yourself from that stereotype. A person can live very contently working within the California medical marijuana guidelines.

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